October 2, 2013

How to Get Beach Babe Hair Now

My frizzy, unmanageable, curly hair never looked as good as it did during my beach vacation last year. The salty ocean water gave me beautiful, flowing beach babe waves that didn’t require hours of scrunching, curling and diffusing. In an effort to recreate that one week of to-die-for hair upon my return home, I turned to sea salt sprays.

A hair dresser go-to for years, this salted mist is sprayed in your hair while still wet, providing the same textured, moveable waves that a few hours in the ocean will give you – all without leaving your own home.

After hours of real-life hair testing, we have found the four best sea salt sprays that guarantee that touchable, tousled, straight-from-the-beach look for your hair!


Greg May Ocean Spray

Created by a popular Toronto-based hairstylist, this salon tested and approved sea salt-infused spray adds volume and soft waves- perfect for all hair types.

Best part? Unlike many other sea sprays, this Ocean Spray is incredibly light and can be used with other hair products or reapplied on dry hair to reactivate those sexy waves.

Cost:  $19.99

Where to Buy: Greg May Hair Architects 122 Cumberland Street, Toronto, ON M5R 1A6 (416) 920-8892 or online.



LUSH Sea Spray Hair Mist

Using sea salt, sea water and seaweed, this spray adds incredible shine to your hair, while giving you textured, loose waves.

Best part? The smell is delicious and, of course, LUSH only uses natural ingredients in its products, making this an eco-friendly choice!

Cost: $12.95

Where to Buy: Online at



Plunk Naturals Dead Sea Salt Spray

One of the internet’s best kept secrets, this line of sea salt sprays by Plunk Naturals is handmade using dead sea salts, jojoba oil, aloe vera, essential oils and distilled water. The smell is fantastic and the results are bouncy, just out of the ocean tresses.

Best part? There is a different sea salt spray for each hair type: dandruff & dry/ damaged; oily; normal; sun damaged; or chemically treated.

Cost: $8.50

Where to Buy:  Etsy



In a spray bottle, combine two teaspoons of sea salt (found in your grocery store, but Epsom salt can work as well), with one cup of warm water and a teaspoon of leave-in conditioner/gel. Add between two and four drops of an essential oil for a delicious scent (our favourite is coconut for that beachy smell). Then, shake it up and spray.

Best part? Add more salt if you have course hair or less scent if your hair is fine. You’re in control!

Cost:  Approximately $1.00 for the spray bottle and $4.00 for a container of sea salt.

Where to Buy: Your kitchen! (And a dollar store for the spray bottle.)


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