July 31, 2013

The Interview: Eva Michon

I seem goofy when I talk to Bad Day Magazine editor/new director Eva Michon and I’m not. (Maybe a little). But Michon is as calm and cool as they come so I feel like an episode of 30 Rock next to her. Michon speaks very slowly, not necessarily choosing her words carefully, but in an effort, it seems, to relax the airspace around her. And for the record we’re eating soup in the back of a quiet tearoom in Toronto, so it’s not exactly a room that needs to feel more chillax (I lied. I am goofy). Nevertheless the way Michon speaks is one of the traits that makes her a wholly beguiling subject. However, how she speaks is certainly not the most beguiling trait she has, but it is one…

Michon –who was born in South Africa, raised in Mississauga –is a walking version of that Interview Magazine cover story that once declared Chloe Sevigny the “coolest girl in the world” before Kids had come out Michon has a tomboyish style, lives in Los Angeles with her husband, DFA1979’s Sebastien Grainger, runs her own magazine called Bad Day that features other cool girls like Charlotte Gainsbourg, Agnès B. and Sofia Coppola. She does effortless art directing for of-the-moment-filmmakers (and former film school colleagues) Kazik Radwanski and Dan Montgomery and when I sat down to talk with her, she was in the midst of completing her first feature length documentary.

She also has a really cool dog.