August 14, 2013

Victoria Beckham Reveals Her VVB Diffusion Line

We’re all accustomed to seeing Victoria Beckham teeter around in stilettos and a body-con dress, being very careful not to drop her kids. Beckham’s collections, until now, have stayed true to her personal style – sexy, sleek and generally impractical.

As Beckham revealed her VVB diffusion line, we’re all left to wonder why she traded in her provocative hemlines for pinafore dresses. The VVB line has widely been described as “unsexy,” featuring masculine silhouettes including tunics, jumpers and shift dresses that appeal to a minimalist and decidedly androgynous aesthetic.

This is not to say we don’t enjoy her new venture. Beckham describes the VVB girl as someone who is “subversively sexy without trying,” and that mentality is evident. We do worry that not every run of the mill girl can pull off VVB. It’s one thing to be a 6-foot tall runway model. It’s quite another to be, well me in these boxy designs.

However, it’s a welcome change from her usual offerings. Her newfound low maintenance look could be a good approach for her followers who already have one too many constricting frocks. After all, fashion is all about evolution and Beckham has done just that.

For more VVB, the designer created a quirky stop motion video featuring her collection. Thoughts?


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